Something New

Hello people of the world, especially the Provo area.

My name is Trace, and I am the new Blog Master for Speak for yourself! I am excited to be running blog, so without further ado, here is the info o. What you can expect!

What and when the new blog posts will be:

The new Speak for yourself blog will consist of three different kinds of post: announcements, writing blogs, and feature posts


These will be posts explaining upcoming events. Unlike feature posts or the writing blogs, these will not have a scheduled time to be posted, but we will try to post them far enough in advance for you to mark your calendars!

Writing Blogs:

These will posted on the first Thursday of every month. We will look into different writing styles, poem types, and even themes! If you have knowledge on one of those (or any writing related topic) that you would like to share, you can submit a post by emailing it to us (email at the end of this post), just make sure you put “writing blog” in the subject so it doesn’t get mixed in with the feature submissions! Make sure that your post follow the same guidelines outlined for the features.


These posts are your time to shine! Every third Thursday of the month, we will feature the works of a local writer! This a public blog, so we do need to put some guidelines in place as far as what you can submit, which are as follow:


Unlike the open mic, we cannot say “uncensored after 8:30”. As such, please do not submit anything considered foul language.

Sexual and violent content are not banned, but please avoid explicit content. Erotica will not be posted.


At the weekly open mic, we ask you to keep things under 7 minutes. For our blog, we can feature longer works, however novel (or novella) length works will not posted.


This is not the place for any advertising. This includes promoting specific brands, making any kind of monetary offer, or mentioning job openings. 

Exerpts and chapters from longer works can be submitted, however, teasers and advertisements for longer works, or anything ending in “for the rest of the story go to…” are not allowed. Please make sure any submission that is an excerpt makes sense posted as a stand alone work.

Unfinished work:

These posts are intended to feature finished works. Please do not submit anything for the purpose of getting feedback or asking what other people think you should change.

Politics and religion:

Speak for yourself is an open group, and wants everyone to feel welcomed. As such, please do not submit political posts, no matter what the political opinion portrayed is.

Religion can be a very central part of a writers life, and even an inpiration. As such, religious works can be submitted, so long as they do not shame anyone else’s beliefs. This includes shaming those who do not have any religious beliefs, or are unsure what their beliefs are (atheists and agnostics)

How to send a submission and when to expect it to be published:

To send something to be posted in our features, simply email it to the address at the bottom of this post. Make sure to include the title of the work, and your name (or pseudonym if you prefer). Any creative writing can be submitted, and I promise not to turn it down just because it’s not my style, or any other similarly dumb reason.

As far as when you can expect your work to be posted, there is not as of yet a definitive answer. Being new to this, and this being new, I cannot predict how many submissions we will have.

If your work is longer, it will likely be posted by itself. If your work is shorter, it may be posted in the same blog post as one or two other smaller works. If you have multiple smaller works you want posted together, make sure you send them in the same email.

If your work, for any reason, does not follow the rules outlined above, you will receive a reply to your submission explaining why.

When will the new blog start?

If all goes according to plan, the first official writing blog post will be on the first Thursday of May. I hope you are as excited as I am!

Send submissions to:


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